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I fall off or slip but I keep going. I feel that I am determined to get across bridge. Hi Kimberly, Great dream. Keep going! Hi Michael, Good for you. I had a dream that I was driving on a highway surrounded by beautiful water and clear sky but there were numerous rainbows in the sky as well. Hi Gloria, Wow!

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And the numerous rainbows? What a wonderful symbol of hope. Hi Carol, I only remember a little of my dream. I was in a foreign country with a friend from church. Someone took all our luggage form the trunk of the car.

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We were fine and still had our purses and phones. She immediately called her husband and he said we did the right thing. We got I. The car and started driving to the next destination when we started on a roadway leading to a bridge. As we entered the roadway I was on the phone calling home to let them know what happened.

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It took a minute but I finally recognized my moms voice on the other end. There was no where to pull off once you started on this roadway so you had to either finish or wreck off the side. There were green trees underneath at this point. I look up and see the roadway looks sideways and goes into six lanes each way while still looking sideways up a very steep hill. I had to wreck. I woke up before I could wreck or go over the bridge. This has me very concerned as to the meaning.

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Last night I dreamt of crossing a huge, wooden bridge and I was with workmates. On the way back, I was alone and I was confident I knew the path. I continued walking until I saw a familiar bridge and decided to take that path. Along the way, however, I saw the bridge was being broken and waves were really strong.

On the oyher side was an urban slam and people were panicking. I suddenly found myself on a big rock, waiting for the right time for my right foot to step on the shore, and I did. I dreamt of my husband too.

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I also dreamt of a situation that happened on a trip 6 months later. Hi carol, I had a dream about being on land and wanting to cross the sea to an island. I was with two friends. The bridge was a wooden plank bridge floating on water and the sea was calm but as soon as we started crossing it became hectic and I nearly fell off but my friends helped me cross. The reason we were crossing was for me to find a boy I recently broke up with and to tell him I make a mistake and want to get back together.

What do you think this dream means? Hi Sarah, Thanks for sharing your dream. This is what your dream would mean if I had it.

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First, you decide the bridge you want to be separate or alone, which is what the island represents. Next, you start to cross the bridge, which means you go ahead with your decision. As soon as you begin to cross, things become hectic, meaning you feel emotional about going through with what you decided.

Your friends help you to the island, meaning that your friends help you through this difficult time. However, these may not be actual friends but qualities within you that will support you. This may or may not be about an actual break up, but the break up in the dream could also symbolize that you made a mistake and want to make amends. Does this make sense given your situation? I dreamt about walking with some friends on sand. Not sure if this was on a beach. During the walk i broke my sandals. Then a friend fell on the some dirty water then i followed, and then another friend followed suit.

The first friend and i got out of it by digging on sand the last one though was not able to coz he was short. But i tried to reach out for him to help him come out of the dirty water but he couldnt be seen anymore. When i woke up, i realized those friends walking with me on the sand were celebrities, actors. What does this mean? Thank u very much! Sandals breaking—your foundation is not sturdy. It could also mean that you need to understand a situation better. Since water represents emotion, dirty water usually means negative emotions.

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This man who was too short. Could that mean being too short with your temper? Since this is a dream about negative emotions, the celebrities likely represent a negative view of celebrities, for example, their need for attention and feeling important.

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The dream would be telling me to try to find a better understanding of it. By the way, we all have dreams that try to help us out with difficult situations and difficult aspects of ourselves. If this were my dream, it would mean that I was getting inner guidance to make my life easier.

see url Does that resonate? In my bridge dream I am crossing on foot. There are open spaces on the floor of the bridge that I have a concern about. Also, cars are still traveling on the bridge making my way very difficult. I notice on the left side of the bridge there is a door. At this point, I am terrified and looking for help.

I open the door, which leads to a long stretch of enclosed pathways. I fear that if I take this path I will be locked in with no escape. As I decide to go thru the door, a man appears, and walks me to an exit, where I am so happy and relieved to be on a busy fowntown street, with shops and sidewalks and people. I had a dream about a girl and a guy chasing a fat frog.

The frog went to the grass and the guy followed. He catched the frog early in the morning.

The frog suddenly escape and jum over the water so as the guy.