Acting In Hollywood: Your Acting Resume (a MULL FOON MINI)

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Bill Dixon. This week on Decently Funny, the first ever episode without Nuzzy. We then welcome comedian, actor and writer Bill Dixon to the show. We also discuss the high school that Guy went to, and how he dealt with roving gangs. Of course, we play another game of play it forward, and discuss so much more.

Eden Dranger and Rachel Butera. Comedians Eden Dranger and Rachel Butera join us for a brand new episode this week. We discuss the future of the show and what their role could be. We also talk about Nuzzy's work with the Jimmy Kimmel Hologram and others. Eden shares with us her reasons for getting a double mastectomy and her her article that appeared in TIME magazine about it.

Later, Rachel does some of her classic impressions. Only one way to find out. Listen now. Tony Sam. Comedian Tony Sam drops by the show this week for his first solo appearance.

How to Make an Acting Resume!!

Listen closely as Nuzzy stops paying attention halfway through and the chaos it causes! Gilbert Gottfried. Decently Funny has recorded podcast episodes from some unique places with some entertaining people, but this episode tops them all.

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For an actor, how important is a resume? And how is an acting resume different in Hollywood? What should you put on it? What should you NOT put on it? Headshot Diva: Why Your Business Profile Affects Your Bottom Line (Lis McDermott Photography Series) (Volume 1) THE ACTOR'S GUIDE TO HEADSHOTS, RESUMES, AND DEMO REELS: How To Get Hired As A Acting In Hollywood: How to Get the Right Headshot (a MULL FOON MINI).

This week we recorded our show with Gilbert Gottfried from a hotel room. Gilbert gives Nuzzy parenting advice, he shares his feelings of the homeless, he talks about his many Howard Stern appearances, and we also discuss his controversial tsunami tweets that got him fired as the voice of the Aflac duck, Other topics include Gilbert's podcast, his legendary roasts, celebrity deaths, and bathroom etiquette. Halfway through the show Gilbert plays a game of "Play it Forward".

Bianca Ryan.

President, Universal TV Alternative Studio

Bianca's guitarist joins us during the 2nd half of the show and talks about all the drugs he's done. Nuzzy says something about Bianca's entourage that makes Guy throw up inside his mouth and nearly choke to death. We also play a game of "Play it Forward". This week Bianca has to match wits with last episode's celebrity guest, radio pioneer, Phil Hendrie.

We learn what life is like for our guests, but more importantly we learn why smoking the drug salvia is a terrible idea. You do not want to miss it as Jason and Kevin smoke salvia live on the podcast.

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Nuzzy and Guy give the thrilling play by play from the opening bong hit to the moment when our guests finally come back to Earth. Enjoy this classic show! Follow us all on Twitter. Phil Hendrie. And for over minutes, we get to talk to Mr.

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Hendrie about his amazing life and career. Our sidekick Gary returns for this episode and we ask him about rehab, drinking, and meth.

We also play a thrilling game of "Play it Forward". This week Phil has to match wits with last episode's celebrity guest, Last Comic Standing season 3 winner, Alonzo Bodden. This episode sponsored by FanDuel. Alonzo Bodden. They kick off the show by discussing Nuzzy's 2-month old daughter and being sell outs. On this episode of Decently Funny, Alonzo talks about sex, motorcycles, Robin Williams, and the n-word. This week Alonzo has to match wits with last episode's celebrity guest, former Saturday Night Live cast member, Jeff Richards.

After the main show, we play some footage we recorded before the podcast with the guys warming up and doing all kind of cover songs, including Tenacious D and The Smiths! Jeff Richards.

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Jeff goes in and out of some of his best impressions including Dustin Hoffman, Louie Anderson and Dr. Go to TastyJeff. This week Jeff has to match wits with last week's guest, comedian Rachel Butera. Rachel Butera. We talk about her AGT audition, her spot on impressions and what it's like to be hit on by a lb Asian father.

All this, plus Nuzzy makes an announcement about his future with Decently Funny. And of course, we play a hilarious game of "Play it Forward". This week Rachel has to match wits with last week's guest, comedy writer Danny Zuker. We take a deep dive in to Marcia's illustrious law career. Who's idea was it to make OJ try on the bloody glove? Did she have a love affair with Christopher Darden? What does she think of Kato? We also discuss what's it like to briefly be a member of the Church of Scientology.

Does Marcia believe in aliens? What's it like to go from obscurity to worldwide fame?

Actor Ron Moody, best known as Fagin, dies at 91

We also present an outrageous F, Marry, Kill that you won't want to miss! If you enjoy the show, please rate us 5 stars on iTunes! Listen to us on the go with our mobile app available at any app store and our web home on DecentlyFunny. Decently Funny opening theme song written by Little Mikey and performed by Panic!

Clip Show. We also give an update of our sidekick Gary using a clip from a couple of weeks ago during the Danny Zuker episode. JennyJohnsonhi5 and Jenny Mollen a. Jennyandteets stopped by Nuzzywood Studios to sit in on this episode of Decently Funny. Because they were both named Jenny at birth, the boys had to come up with creative nicknames to use in order to tell the two Jennys a part. Get your answers to the following questions. Who are their famous friends? Will they sing Celebrity Karaoke? Who are their main celebrity sniping targets on Twitter?

Zombie, minister, nerd: Actor from Arlington Hts. does it all

And most importantly, which Jenny has large areolas? Listen to the whole show to find out! Follow everyone on twitter. Danny Zuker. Nuzzy plays audio clips from his call-in on this week's The Howard Stern Show. Guy talks about how Danny inspired him to try stand up comedy. And of course, we play a thrilling game of "Play it Forward". This week Danny has to match wits with last week's guest, musician Billy Morrison.

Listen to the entire episode, because after the Zuker interview is over, we will play the entire Nuzzy interview on The Howard Stern Show. Billy Morrison. Back for the 2nd time, Billy discusses what it's like to be him, what it's like to go on tour with Ozzy, and what it's like to write a record with Billy Idol.

This week Billy has to match wits with last week's guest, actress, Jenny Slate. Jenny Slate.

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Jenny is here to promote her new feature film, Obvious Child, a film where Jenny's character has an abortion after getting knocked up during a 1-night stand. We also discuss her extremely successful stop motion animated short film, Marcel the Shell.