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The Dursleys tell him when he is eight Dudley accidentally lets it slip Hagrid has to track him down to tell him He reads about it in the Daily Prophet. With Dudley In the guest house In Mr.

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Who decides where the children will be housed at Hogwarts? What is significant about the day of the Gringotts break-in?

Who is Fluffy? Snape Dumbledore Quirrell McGonagall.

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  • Small Farm, Big Farm Boy (Growing Pains Book 2).
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Harry Hagrid Voldemort Nicolas Flamel. What position does Harry play in Quidditch?

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Looking forward to world kindess day on 13th November Aim: Teach kids how to talk about clothes relative to the weather. Find Knights of the Kitchen Table at your local library. Usually, the need to ask for information arises in children as young as 2 years old, at least by using basic spoken language, since they are able to make simpler questions before this time just by pointing at something or looking inquisitively around them. Have some fun reviewing times tables with this multiplication crossword. Proud to Be Primary.

Quaffle Sweeper Seeker Chaser. What does Voldemort drink in the Forbidden Forest to sustain himself? Apple nectar Unicorn blood Sacred water Cedar sap. Whom do Harry and Ron accidentally lock in the bathroom with the troll? Hermione Dumbledore Malfoy McGonagall.

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Children Quiz Book Kids Worksheets (Interactive) eBook: Goldie Black: Kindle Store. Enter the TFK Kid Reporter Contest Join the TFK Summer Book Club! Kids consume too much salt. People first set foot on the moon on July 20,

Underground is a very convenient way of getting around London. Q19 - Could you turn off Q20 - I don't go to Q21 - His birthday is on Q22 - I bought Q23 Q24 - I don't believe in Q25 - Do you know how to use Q26 - Would you like Q27 - Did you see the film on TV last night? Q28 - I've got to get to Q29 - It is Q30 - I always listen to Q31 Andes are in South America.

Q32 - An apple a day keeps Q33 - There is a major problem with Q34 - Paris is Q35 - Could you close Q36 - They go to Q37 - They crashed because they had Q38 - Would you mind turning off Q39 - The party was so loud that she asked them to turn Q40 - They live in Q41 - Their offices are on Q42 - We start Q43 - The only sport I enjoy is Q44 - It's Q45 - I left it at Q46 - Could you take Q47 - Come in Q48 - He joined Q49 - It's in Milton Road.

Q50 - It's Q51 - He's wearing Q52 - He's wearing Q53 - What time would you like Q54 - I don't know anywhere in