Daredevil May Care

DAREDEVIL Season 3 Trailer: Devil May Care
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Lots of it. From the very beginning of season 1 though, we got action, story, blood, gore and some truly stunning violence.

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  • Daredevil: Volume Two (Marvel Comics, ; #, , ASM #) — Panelology.

It was the darkest and grittiest entry into the super hero genre yet, bar none. From that point on, we got exactly the Daredevil from Netflix that we fans had always wanted.

Pack in the extras like Elektra and Frank, and combining him with The Defenders as a reluctant senior hero, and you had a real winning property. Judging from the season 3 preview that we got today, and it looks like the best is yet to come. Foggy is horrified, and probably terrified as well.

(Marvel) Daredevil - Faith

And this whole time, we see Matt dressed in his Season 1 black sweats and mask, confessing in church about his motivations, threaded with shots of him fighting a barrage of thugs throughout the city. There was no sign of Elektra who seemingly died at the ending of season 1 of The Defenders…and only for the second time in 2 seasons of appearances.

Or Frank The Punisher who now has his own problems.

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Definition for Daredevil: presumptuously daring ; " a daredevil test pilot having the right stuff " Synonyms for Daredevil: adj. Antonyms for Daredevil: adj. Other antonyms: chickenhearted , levelheaded , fainthearted , overcareful , guarded , spineless , sharp , craven , lily-livered , quick-witted , sensible , mousy , cool , prudent , intelligent , skittish , safe , shy , pusillanimous , circumspect , alert , timorous , unheroic , overcautious , calm , cowardly , chicken , responsible , timid , yellow , unadventurous , scary , dastardly , careful , unambitious , fearful , wary , heedful , recreant , cautious.