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More filters. Sort order. Jun 14, KarenH rated it liked it Shelves: audiobook , not-to-die-for-but-enjoyable , what-does-he-see-in-her.

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And somehow that little detail of the paper screw containing salt really appealed. I tend to want my stories to seem believable and possible. Main characters who are ghosts are apparently not my thing. They literally give me nightmares. Logan Sharp was sure he was the last dragon shifter until he finds out about the beautiful redhead Sloane. Sarah, Alistair, and Matthew are all cut off from other people in significant ways because of their pasts, and have to struggle to find their way back.

Stardust of Yesterday is a contemporary story about a woman who inherits an old Scottish castle, only to find that the castle's original owner is still very much in residence.. Betrayed by the woman he was to marry, Kendrick de Piaget was killed and his castle was stolen. Adding insult to injury, Kendrick was left with a curse that he will not know eternal peace until he can rightfully regain ownership of Seakirk Ca Stardust of Yesterday is a contemporary story about a woman who inherits an old Scottish castle, only to find that the castle's original owner is still very much in residence..

Adding insult to injury, Kendrick was left with a curse that he will not know eternal peace until he can rightfully regain ownership of Seakirk Castle. It is now years later and Genevieve Buchanan is the last heir to the castle and the only thing standing between Kendrick and his beloved relatives who wait for him in eternity.

Naturally, Kendrick is impatient to finally be free of the curse and sets out to remove Genevieve from the equation. Unfortunately for him, Genevieve is somewhat of an eccentric and is amused rather than horrified by Kendrick's "ghostly" actions. In turn, Kendrick is fascinated by this 5-foot-nothing slip of a girl who refuses to be terrorized out of her inheritance. The two reach an agreement to co-inhabit the castle and soon their unusual friendship gives way to mutual feelings of love.

At this point in the story, I was very much invested in the hero and heroine.

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Kendrick was a knight of the Clan Stud, as most medieval heroes in romance novels hail from. Sexy, witty and totally arrogant Genevieve was even tolerable at this point in their relationship. She had no family or special memories from childhood; therefore, she was captivated by Kendrick and his endless stories of medieval family affairs. They spent months alone together at Seakirk Castle along with an ancient manservant and a few wayward ghosts who had come with Kendrick ; and, although they couldn't touch, they would "cuddle" together at night and whisper until the wee hours of the morning.

At this point in the story plus about 50 more pages to tie up loose ends and bring the couple to a plausible HEA , the book could have ended. Of course, with a lusty warrior and feisty heroine, the sexual tension building throughout the story would have needed dissipation taking up about 40 of those last pages. As a reader, I would have been totally satisfied, given the book a solid 4-star rating and moved on to see what else Kurland had written.

That didn't happen. I don't even know what it was. A story within a story? I'm not sure but at some point the touching, poignant, heartfelt story that had been the first half of the book gave way to something like "I guess you had to be there" comedy. This was definitely a Hallmark moment because we are very much in tune with this couple and understand how strong this need is. Things happen and suddenly Kendrick can actually feel Genevieve's head resting on his shoulder! They touch and revel in the fact that they can touch.

Genevieve, still somewhat normal at this point, says "Kendrick, take me to bed before something happens. More things happen and Kendrick morphs into a corporeal existence. After a fleeting loss of years of memory, it all comes rushing back to him and he and Genevieve wed. End of story?

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No, dammit Genevieve is afraid of Kendrick - more precisely, she is afraid of sex. After pages of reacting to Kendrick's simple sexual overtures like a deer caught in headlights, she is finally able to tamp down her desire to bolt and lets him kiss her. Kendrick would like to make love to his wife! Yes, they have now been married for over a week and at Genevieve's insistence, they are occupying separate bedchambers. She likens this point in their relationship as the "hand-holding stage" in a normal relationship, and is hoping that they can progress to that final stage shudder!

We've got a virile, lusty, normal stud warrior-turned-gorgeous Jag-driving, football-loving, contemporary hero here that would really like to consummate their marriage but can't because his wife says they have only known each other physically for a short time. That wouldn't happen in real life so it definitely doesn't work for me in a romance novel.

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Kendrick, smitten fool that he was, never forced the issue. Jeez, he didn't have any warrior huevos after all! By chapter 38, page something when Genevieve is trying to seduce Kendrick by plopping a big bowl of ice cream in his lap and running her fingers through his hair - secretly feeling at ease because she is certain he won't try to have sex with her that night - the book was ready to hit the wall. In audiobook-speak, I yanked the earplugs out and turned the ipod off. Later, I went back and finished listening to the book. They did consummate the marriage that night but I was changing lanes and missed it I have another book by her in my tbr pile, "One Enchanted Evening", so eventually I'll try her again.

But for now I'll just mosey on back over to familiar territory, where Liz Carlyle, Toni Blake, Linda Howard, Lisa Kleypas, Jessie Michaels, et al, will keep me submerged in good romance for a long time to come!

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View all 9 comments. May 29, Ira rated it really liked it Shelves: sweet-hero , strong-heroine , ghost-in-it , paranormal , plenty-lol-moments. The hero was a ghost for the last years. The heroine was the last descendant of the woman who betrayed and killed him years ago and he determinant to kill her or made her mad like what he did to her previous descendants, lol.

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Until he fell in love with her, of course! View all 8 comments.

WHY did I not read this book in when it was first published, or in when it was re-released?!?! Someone, please tell me where this book was hiding? It was Amazon. I am so glad I dropped it into my virtual cart. Stardust of Yesterday has to be one of the sweetest, most enchanting romance stories I have ever read! It has everything; knights, castles, ghosts, cheeky butlers, and lovemaking with oven mitts It is a ghost story, but not your typical lonely ghost waiting for a lady to rescue him. This ghost is an angry, scheming, arrogant ghost that you will fall in love with as he grows to love the heroine - guaranteed!

This romance delivers on the most important goal of a Romance Novel, other than the HEA; it makes the reader fall in love with the Hero and you can imagine yourself being the heroine. I will keep this book to rediscover in the future, which is saying quite a bit, as I pass most of my books on to friends when I am finished.

My next stop is Amazon. View all 3 comments. Nov 28, Beth rated it it was ok Shelves: , tnbbc-summer , pnr , ghosts. Main characters who are ghosts are apparently not my thing. Neither are characters who are year-old virgins. I'm sorry, but no. A year-old virgin who is in love with her husband but still bursts into tears at the thought of having sex with him makes me feel queasy.

This book also took me over 4 days to read. I'm not a speedy reader, but a book like this should not take me 4 days to read. View all 5 comments. Jul 24, Carolyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: re-read , kurland-lynn. Yep, reading this again. Making my way through all Lynn Kurland's de Piaget family series once again.

Love them all! This was the very first Lynn Kurland book I ever read.

Little did I know the world Ms. Kurland would open up for me. Many, many hours of sheer reading bliss! Loved it even this third time! View all 4 comments. Jan 10, Rissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: hero-i-love , hero-i-like , book-boyfriend , bookish-heroine , jealous-hero , heroine-i-like , ghost , knight , bad-earlier-relationship , favourites-of-all-time. Well, this is one of those books.

I mean the ones that kind of sweep you off your feet when you are distracted? This book did this to me. I started reading it in June , but the hero kind of got on my nerves, and even though I love most of Lynn Kurland's books I was ready to drop that one and stopped reading it. And time passes. So one of these days I find the book, then ask myself "oh, well. Why not? And I'm so glad I did.