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After a testy initial relationship, he becomes Christina Yang's mentor and the two work together on surgeries. She played Donna, a transgender patient diagnosed with breast cancer while transitioning from male to female. Green's character, named Nick Hanscom, is a patient who has an exposed carotid artery after a tumor resection.

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It eventually bursts, but he dies as the doctors try to repair the artery. The couple ultimately splits after their therapy. Sarabeth is with a group of her girlfriends on the way to a ball when their limo gets in a car wreck. She drives the limo to the hospital after the driver is injured.

As an older intern, he is mistaken for a resident. He eventually switches from surgical to psychiatry. She trains Arizona Robbins, but must have surgery for brain tumor. The surgery results in her going blind. Stan and his ambulance partner are about to leave the hospital when another ambulance crashes into them, flips their truck, and traps them.

Stan's legs are trapped so that when they go to rescue his partner, he will bleed out and die. His wife works in the hospital, so the doctors get her for an emotional goodbye. Her character, Gayle McColl, is the estranged wife of a patient at the hospital on episode She arrives at her estranged husband's bedside and reveals the other woman as his girlfriend.

When he husband wakes up from his surgery with memory loss, the two reconnect, and she remembers how much she loves him. Unfortunately, he dies in a second surgery.

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He played a man whose husband dies from injuries sustained in a car accident. He doesn't want to pull the life support, but he does.

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He finds out about Jo's fake name and surprises her at Grey Sloan. Jo tries to help Jenny, but she initially denies any assistance. Paul is later the victim of a hit-and-run.

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She initially denies Paul's abusive behavior, but she later decides to go to the police with information. He wasn't the person Meredith was supposed to be meeting on her blind date, but the two hit it off until he said he didn't like kids.

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Meredith ended it. She was in the Army and presumed dead after missing for 10 years but was found and rescued. She wanted to return to her adopted son overseas but needed to recover in the states. Megan was previously engaged to Nathan, and the two reunited when she we recovered. They moved to California with her adopted son. The doctor himself had recently had a kidney transplant and collapsed in the hospital. He flirted with Meredith while they waited for his lab reports. Milano reunited with her "Charmed" costar Holly Marie Combs for an episode of the medical drama, which saw Milano and Combs play sisters facing a difficult decision.

Libby Torres. Snapchat icon A ghost.

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Mandy Moore already had an established music and acting career when she appeared on four episodes of the show over two seasons. Demi Lovato played a girl incorrectly diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia on season six. Emmy Award-winner Sarah Paulson turned up in a flashback on season six.

Singer and actress Keke Palmer made her guest appearance on season Christina Ricci played a paramedic during the two-part finale of season two.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel actor Brian Tarantina dead at 60 'from apparent drug overdose'

Abigail Breslin played Megan, a young girl insensitive to pain, on an episode of season three. Bessie, for her part, did not allow the children to touch or hug her, so there was emotional deprivation from both parents. Yet Bessie did want security, so she persuaded Frank to settle in Portland, Oregon, and open a legitimate business.

He actually succeeded at it and for a while they were happier.

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Yet Frank drank heavily, which sent him into terrible rages. He'd whip his sons severely. The boys soon learned that no matter what they said or did, their father simply wanted to brutalize them, all the while insisting that they love him. One time, Gary was abandoned on a park bench while his father went to scam someone and he ended up in an orphanage for several days.

As he grew older, Gary reacted. He began to despise people in authority, and they in turn, treated him in a way that reminded him of his father. Both parents turned a blind eye to his problems, pretending they would just go away somehow. Neither respected the law, and they would rather get their children off than let them learn the consequences of their actions.

Before "Stranger Things," Millie Bobby Brown had a guest spot on an episode on season 11.

Records indicate that Tarantina lived in the above apartment on West 51st Street in the Hell's Kitchen section of Manhattan. This was a blow he could not bear. However, this book is written by his youngest brother and presents us with a portrayal of Gilmore's childhood and life growing up in a family with an abusive father. The police are unable to prevent Phibes from killing the remaining members of Vesalius' team and then focus their efforts on protecting the doctor himself. He'd married Bessie on a whim, and he'd had many wives and families before her, none of whom he cared about or supported. Citations: Gilmore v. He's prepared and so are we.

The point at which psychological intervention might have made a difference for Gary, Frank refused to pay for it. On top of all of this, Bessie had a deep-rooted superstition about Gary that went back to her own childhood. She believed that as a girl playing with a Ouija board, she had conjured up a demonic ghost that had attached itself to her family.

When one of her sisters was killed and another paralyzed in an accident, she felt certain it was the ghost. Then she married Frank and found out that his mother, Fay, was a medium who could get spirits to materialize. Bessie stayed away. After the ceremony, she found Fay in a state of exhaustion with an expression on her face of great fear and helplessness. She helped the older woman to bed, but later that night Bessie woke up to the feel of being touched, and when she turned over, she was looking into the face of a leering inhuman creature.

She jumped out of bed and saw Fay, an invalid, staggering toward her, insisting that she get out now. She grabbed the kids and ran.

Fay died shortly thereafter and Gary began to have terrible, shuddering nightmares that he was being beheaded. He was certain something was trying to get him and the nightmares haunted him the rest of his life. He continued having dreams, swearing that something was in the room with him. His life thereafter was filled with angry, malevolent energy that seemed bent on self-destruction.

Whether influenced by a demon or by familial abuse, Gary developed a death wish that guided his actions. He seemed destined to die in some violent manner, though he'd often heard his mother's horror stories of an execution that she claimed to have witnessed as a girl. She'd been enraged that her father had taken her, a mere child, to witness a hanging. She told this story over and over.

All of the boys believed that she'd really witnessed this incident and it had left a deep impression on them. Yet when Mikal researched it in Utah records, he realized that it was impossible for her to have witnessed such an event. She had made it up, possibly deriving this metaphor from her helplessness and anger.