The Hero In History

The Hero In History
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Foster , when he ran for President of the United States. However, Hook broke completely with the Comintern in , holding its policies responsible for the triumph of Nazism in Germany. He accused Joseph Stalin of putting "the needs of the Russian state" over the needs of the international revolution. However, Hook remained active in some of the causes of the far Left during the Great Depression. In the late s, Hook assisted Leon Trotsky in his efforts to clear his name in a special Commission of Inquiry headed by Dewey, which investigated Stalinist charges made against Trotsky during the Moscow Trials.

The Great Purge encouraged Hook's increasing ambivalence toward Marxism. In , Hook formed the Committee for Cultural Freedom, a short-lived organization that set the stage for his postwar politics by opposing "totalitarianism" on the left and right. By the Cold War , Hook had become a prominent anti-Communist , although he continued to consider himself both a democratic socialist and a secular humanist throughout his life.

He was, therefore, an anti-Communist socialist.

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In he was one of the signers of the Humanist Manifesto II. These bodies—of which the CCF was most central—were funded in part by the Central Intelligence Agency through a variety of fronts and sought to dissuade American leftists from continuing to advocate cooperation with the Soviet Union as some had previously.

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In the s, Hook was a frequent critic of the New Left. He was opposed to a unilateral withdrawal of U. Hook was elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in [16] and ended his career in the s and s as a fellow of the conservative Hoover Institution in Stanford , California. Hook was a lifelong agnostic. He married Carrie Katz in , with whom he had one son. The couple separated in She was a Communist Party member who was a "Fosterite" i.

Foster amidst Party factionalism in the last s. She went on to work at the Labor Defense Council. Hook's memoir, Out of Step , recounts his life, his activism for a number of educational causes, his controversies with other intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky , and his recollections of Mortimer J. At a meeting of its executive council in Denver , Colorado he was selected for inclusion in their Pantheon of Skeptics. The Pantheon of Skeptics was created by CSI to remember the legacy of deceased fellows of CSI and their contributions to the cause of scientific skepticism.

Sidney Hook's book The Hero in History was a noticeable event in the studies devoted to the role of the hero , the Great Man in history and the influence of people of significant accomplishments. Hook opposed all forms of determinism and argued, as had William James , that humans play a creative role in constructing the social world and to transforming their natural environment.

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The Hero in History book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the Mar 5, - The Hero In History. by: Sidney Hook. Publication date: Collection: millionbooks; universallibrary. Collectionid: TheHeroInHistory.

Neither humanity nor its universe is determined or finished. For Hook this conviction was crucial. He argued that when a society is at the crossroads of choosing the direction of further development, an individual can play a dramatic role and even become an independent power on whom the choice of the historical pathway depends.

Sartor Resartus and On Heroes, Hero-Worship and the Heroic in History (Macmillan)

In his book, Hook provided a great number of examples of the influence of great people, and the examples are mostly associated with various crucial moments in history, such as revolutions and crises. Some scholars have critically responded because, as one of them claims, "he does not take into account that an individual's greatest influence can be revealed not so much in the period of the old regime's collapse, but in the formation period of a new one.

Hook introduced a theoretical division of historic personalities and especially leaders into the eventful man and the event-making man, depending on their influences on the historical process. Hook attached great importance to accidents and contingencies in history [29] , thus opposing, among others, Herbert Fisher , [30] who made attempts to present history as "waves" of emergencies. In , Hook published an essay titled "The Ethics of Controversy" in which he set down ten ground rules for democratic discourse within a democracy.

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Hook's papers at Stanford [35] include the following articles:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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December 8, New York: The Free Press. Heresy, Yes—Conspiracy, No. John Day Company. Heresy, Yes—Conspiracy, No!

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American Committee for Cultural Freedom. He was a champion for the environment, empowered people to stand up for their rights, and a became megaphone for the marginalized across the United States. From a family line of KKK members, Bob Zellner became one of the first white students to engage in the early civil rights movement. He organized sit-ins, rallies, investigations and speeches from Missouri to Massachusetts.

Along his journey, Zellner was insulted, violently attacked, beaten unconscious, and arrested over 18 times. Lobsang Tenzin continually risked his health and safety to advocate for the needs of political prisoners in Tibet and for prison reform.

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Mar 29, 20th Century , Europe , Male , Physical. Who would expect an escaped political prisoner would pose as a Spanish diplomat during WWII to save the lives of people in a country not his own? With the option to sneak away and pursue his personal safety, Giorgio Perlasca chose to remain in order to give hope and heroic aid to over five thousand Jews. Susan B.

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