The Lives of Tao

The Lives of Tao
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Surveillance camera moving at twenty-second sweeps in the corner. Pulling out a knife from its holster, Edward exhaled, rounded the corner, and took off running. Hugging the right wall, he stayed low, covering ground quickly as he charged the two unsuspecting men. Once in range, he shifted to the left wall for a better angle and, with a flick of his wrist, threw the knife.

It whistled as it shot past the first guard and into the neck of the second. The man gasped and went limp. The remaining guard turned to look at his fallen companion just as Edward closed in and rammed his fist into the man's ribcage. The guard doubled over as Edward grabbed his head and snapped his neck. Before the body had fallen to the floor, Edward had already moved to the other body and pulled out his knife.

Edward took out a modified keycard, slid it through the electronic lock, and opened it with a soft click. He dragged the bodies with him into a darkened room filled with rows of computers. The room was cool and hummed with a low resonance from dozens of machines and a loud ventilation shaft. Edward's eyes ran down the list of servers until he found GeTr tucked near the rear of the third row on the bottom rack. Starting extraction now. His trained eyes jumped from directory to directory, grabbing bits and pieces of different files. It does exist.

Edward went into the folder and opened the files inside. Worry about their formatting skills another time. Copy the blueprints and get out of here.

Edward's eyes widened as he scanned the contents. I thought this was a surveillance prototype.

The Lives of Tao: Ian Fleming with lattes instead of martinis

Could it be a biological weapon? How are they getting past customs? I wish we had lobbyists this good. Initiating upload. Wait, backup access control list just tripped. We're getting kicked out. His earpiece crackled, "Edward, we've just confirmed the data stream. On our way to pick you up now.

The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu

Over and out. Hearing heavy footsteps, he stopped and retreated back to the rows of servers just as a group of guards entered the room. No armor. Laser scopes. Three, no, four guards. None appear to be Genjix. One of the guards turned on the lights and the rest fanned out, each moving from aisle to aisle.

Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu

Shouts of "Clear! Edward pulled out his Glock pistol and crept toward the edge of an aisle. As an arm came into view, he trapped it with one hand and threw his elbow into the guard's face, dropping him to the floor. The scuffle alerted the others and they converged on his position. Another guard appeared at the other end of the aisle and opened fire.

Bullets ricocheted off the metal frames of the shelves. A searing pain erupted in Edward's left arm and his hand went numb. Falling flat to the floor, he took quick aim and finished his target with three quick shots to the chest. Edward reloaded the Glock and ran out to the hallway.

Sirens blared all around him. He sprinted back toward the stairwell, hearing sounds of approaching footsteps close behind.

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He burst through the door and ran up the stairs. A group of guards soon followed close behind. Bullets flying past his head, Edward craned his neck over the railing, grabbed a grenade from his side, pushed the timer for one second, and tossed it over the railing. The resulting explosion knocked him off his feet and everything went dark for a split second.

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Water sprinklers activated and began to spray the room. Shaking his head to clear the cobwebs, Edward pulled himself up and continued up the stairs. What happened to "durability counts"? We can worry about putting you out to pasture after this mission. Another group of guards appeared two flights above him and opened fire. Edward threw himself against the wall just as gunfire rained down upon him. Marc's voice came through the earpiece so loud Edward winced. Resistance heavier than anticipated.


All material in Strange Horizons is copyrighted to the original authors and may not be reproduced without permission. So, a good fight scene needs to be fully controlled and laid out. He manages to really meld the often unexciting realities of what actual combat looks like with just enough Hollywood pizzaz to make them great to read. There are, for the most part, two distinct POV characters in the novel, although they often merge together given their symbiotic not sure if this would be the correct term to use relationship. Leave this field empty.

She wore an expensive tan suit and had her hair tied in a high ponytail. If it was any other time, he would stop and try to chat her up. But it wasn't any other time.

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He grabbed her and jammed the Glock into her side. Edward sighed. Yrrika always picks the pretty ones. She had only a moment to gasp before falling to the floor. Her body shimmered as the Genjix emerged and floated into the air. Let us hope Yrrika does not find a new host in time.

Down to the end of the hallway, make a right, third door on the left. In Istanbul? I warned you not to. You were a fresh twenty-five year-old agent and she was sixty. How did that work out for you? She was not. You just were not that good back then. Some of the hardest lessons are the best. Edward took off running. The alarm was getting on his nerves and he heard footsteps all around him. There was no telling how many other Genjix hosts were here. He sprinted down the hall to the other stairwell and scrambled up to the roof. With the amount of heat behind him, Marc better be ready to take off any second.

Vercingetorix was a Gaul who united his people and became king at the age of seventeen. He rallied them together and was able to give Caesar one of his rare defeats.

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And I suppose he was a coward and a fat-ass as well?