The Nearly Complete Works of Donald Harington Volume 1

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Book 4 in this series. This was an initial illustration for the 2nd volume - we opted for a landscape in the end. If cows could write, what would they say? The Golden Book of Bovinities distills the accumulated wisdom of centuries of bovine self-awareness. English and spanish editions for this book. Nice coincidence with last letter working as hook in each case.

Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. David Drummond View my complete profile. Amnesty International t-shirt. These covers have won in Communication Arts Design Annuals going back to Trouble Found Me: 11 Tales of Life. Chris Angelis: Dreamflakes and Soulcrumbs. Elsmore is a New Zealand author who has written in many genres: plays, short fiction, nonfiction mainly about Maori culture.

Amazingly, on the same site she runs Flaxflower , a group book review blog about Kiwi authors. Tiny Shoes Dancer 99 cents by Audrey Kalman website is a fine short story collection by a fine California author. A few months ago at another sale I bought a novel about a mother being held at gunpoint by her son, What Remains Unsaid.

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Lots of good reviews, and a great first chapter. Bomb: The Author Interviews 1. Bargain price of 1. Sexual Intelligence by Marty Klein. This is available on Unlimited This is a book of psychology. Klein has written other non-discounted books about porn, conservatism, sexual politics…. Short History of Decay by E.

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I had never heard of this Romanian philosopher, but this is his famous work, Susan Sontag loves him and his ebooks are being discounted. I found two ebooks by Amazon imprints definitely worth checking out. I met this prolific multigenre author at a local author event. She has written tons, most priced at 99 cents.


Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Although he was born and raised in Little Rock, Donald Harington spent nearly all of his early summers in the Ozark. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Although he was born and raised in Little Rock, Donald The Nearly Complete Works of Donald Harington Volume 1.

This one is time travel romance? Her most recent novel is an YA fantasy romance also costing 99 cents. Regular 2.

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I have an ad for this book on the sidebar to buy on Smashwords…. A strong work…. Ariel Aguayo. Young Texas poet.

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Texas classic novel which won National Book Award. Not on ebook! Apparently Stokes is a playwright who releases a lot of things under creative commons license. Also, Village Wit 2. Also, 99 cents on Amazon. I look forward to reading his reviews and discovering all the titles that Samael already did. On his malarkybooks website he has published a lot of essays about literary and humor topics. Several nice review essays by Chris Angelis listed above.

Tim Parks on Why Finish Books?

To put a novel down before the end, then, is simply to acknowledge that for me its shape, its aesthetic quality, is in the weave of the plot and, with the best novels, in the meshing of the writing style with that weave. Style and plot, overall vision and local detail, fascinate together, in a perfect tangle.

Once the structure has been set up and the narrative ball is rolling, the need for an end is just an unfortunate burden, an embarrassment, a deplorable closure of so much possibility.


Sometimes I have experienced the fifty pages of suspense that so many writers feel condemned to close with as a stretch of psychological torture, obliging me to think of life as a machine for manufacturing pathos and tragedy, since the only endings we half-way believe in, of course, are the unhappy ones. I have one book by Parks Adultery and Other Diversions —not an ebook , but Parks has a lot of ebooks available fiction and nonfiction. My library has a few of his fiction titles, and Novel: A Survival Skill is a highly regarded book of literary criticism.

Some of the endings are abrupt, even unsatisfying; they feel more like a beginning. So what? Website is here. Words cannot express my anger at missing the 1 day 2. Dobelli is an easy read. Nisbet is pretty intense, and I expect Skeptics Guide to be almost as intense. Accessible book on logical thinking. One of my fave authors from childhood was Norton Juster author of Phantom Tollbooth.

A few years ago they released a beautiful Annotated Phantom Tollbooth which gives the book the respectful attention it deserves. Random Library Checkouts. Generally whenever I visit a library, I will make it a point to browse through the stacks and pick one random book that struck my fancy.

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  • The Nearly Complete Works of Donald Harington Volume 1.
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The library has many works from abroad and in translation. Before I had to return it, I was getting into This is Memorial Device by David Keenan, a great novel about the punk music scene in Scotland in the s. Trask; Colin Burrow. Harold Bloom recommended this as one of the alltime best books of literary criticism. Thousands of Jews died there, and Polish were expelled at several different times, both during and after Nazi control. I visited this beautiful city often and gave a lecture there at one of the universities. Amazon is setting a price floor at 2. Many amazing deals are to be had.

Norton Juster gave some Youtube interviews he gave about books and reading. I first published this on Friday, but I have about a dozen other things to include. The deals never stop coming! Hi Robert — many thanks for the link to my novel. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that your roundup had a positive impact — and this particular author was very grateful!

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